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December 12, 2009



Had a similar experience a couple of years ago with a VERY large kangaroo- -was only travelling 60-70ks, missed it by THAT much, apologies to Maxwell Smart, have wiped off five since then- not a big deal, get home one -two minutes later, but with front end OK, no screaming kids, no heart attack or broken windscreen, and sanity intact. I even get a (teeny) bit upset when i very occasionally hit a suicidal bunny who reverses his/her direction in a flash of white tails, and runs under the car. I pick up the warm body, pop it in the boot, and bury it near a fruit tree for a bit of blood and bone.


Wow, I'm with Bruce here -- we used to have rabbits galore down the farm track to our place in England. Driving up in the dark, it was pretty inevitable -- and those less-fortunate ones ended up in our garden (under our garden?), too.


Come on Kath, you're a Finley girl ! We can handle anything ! :-) The Eagle probably went home to his house & told his family about what nearly happened. Can you imagine - you should have seen it, I nearly wiped out a car full of humans ! There would have been blood & guts everywhere & they probably would have tried to nick our snake !

Hope you have a great Chrissy with lots of love & laughter (& no eagles or snakes in sight)

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